Who am I?

Jenn Vargas Pressman

Birth Photographer - Mom - Wife - Teacher - lover - Nurturer - Explorer - Researcher

As cliche as it is to say, "BIRTH changed me", it is true.  The process of BIRTH is the most life changing, mind blowing, near magical experience I have ever had.  After going through two drastically different births, yet experiencing similar overwhelming emotion, unrelenting strength, and unconditional love and support, I became infatuated with the process that has contributed to the growth of populations all over the world and the evolution of our species.  I went into labor one person, and each time came out another.  

Being a photographer, and a stubborn one at that, I went into my births with my camera in my hospital bag.  While I would have loved to have documented my own births, this was QUITE unrealistic.  Even expecting my husband to document my birth was unrealistic (though thank goodness he grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures.)  Now, while I cherish the few images I do have, they only tell a small part of my birth story.  I have huge gaps in my memory of those two days, and no images to help fill them in.  I thought I could never forget details of days filled with so much intensity, but I already have.   

Shortly after the birth of my second daughter, I vowed I would make it my mission to capture the unique stories of women bringing babies into this world.  I would document the determination of a laboring mother, the support of a caring partner or family member, the quickly changing face and color of a new baby.  SO HERE I AM.... Denver birth photographer, eager, willing, and able to capture your story.     

Photos by Roger Pressman (my dear husband) and a mysterious phantom nurse.